Mexico and Poland are extraordinary countries, both have been growing economically during the last years and the economic relation between them has been increasing too. This time we made an interview with a Mexican whose mission is to promote Mexico in Poland – Alberto Pacheco, living in Cracow.


What is your name? Where were you born? Where do you live in Poland? How long have you been living in Poland? 

My name is Alberto Pacheco, I was born in Puebla and I have been living in Cracow for almost 2 years.

Why did you decide to move to Poland?

I visited Poland many years ago and I fell in love with this country: its lifestyle, the tranquility that you live here, with its culture and its national identity. That was then I decided to make my dream of living here true.

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What are you doing in Poland? 

I have a foundation that focuses on creating and fostering business opportunities between Mexico and Poland, by organising business meetings, business matching, etc. I also promote the activities of Mexicans by writing in a column in a prestigious digital portal in Mexico. My next goal is to establish a mechanism to finance projects of Mexicans living in Poland, as long as they benefit both countries.

What do you like the most about living in Poland? 

Polish women with no doubt, but also the everyday security and peace. Walking down the street without thinking that something bad could happen when going to a bank or coming back home at night. Also the honesty and charm of Polish people, wonderful and professional people.

What is it that you do not like about living in Poland? 

There is not a single thing that I wouldn’t like. I enjoy everything that this nation gives me.

Was it easy to get used to living in Poland? 

From my personal experience it was not difficult at all, I am not a big fan of the weather or the food in Mexico. The family is something crucial in our lives, but it is not the only thing; at the end we need to create our path where we will feel satisfied. I like the cold, and that is why I do not suffer during winter, people has been really warm with me and now I have a lot of friends, also my family in Mexico visit me a lot.

Are you planning to live in Poland forever? 


Would you recommend other Mexicans to move to Poland? 

Yes and no. Yes – because Poland is a country with great opportunities, with a very hight standard of living, and it is an ideal country for those who want to start a family. And no – because most of the Mexicans are really close with their families, traditions and customs; they would not tolerate the weather and probably suffer depression. Also the language is really complex – not impossible, but if you do not speak English it might be difficult to adapt. However, if the previous things are not a problem, Poland is the ideal place for you.

What do you miss from Mexico? 

It is hard to say, my family visits me and I talk with them often, the same with my friends, so it is hard to say that I miss something from Mexico. But yeah, the family for sure!

Describe Poland in 3 words

  • Beautiful
  • Secure
  • Opportunities

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Written by David Huerta

Mexican blogger living in Poland. Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics.