Renting an apartment

If you are moving to Poland, you will most probably need to look for a place to stay. Read this section to find out which are the best websites to look for flats and also what are the average prices of rooms / apartments. Read more

Public transportation

Public transportation in Poland is quite well developed: wide network of trams, buses, trains. In this section we explain how to move around different Polish cities, how to look for public transportation timetables and ticket prices. Read more

Moving around Poland

Poland has a lot to offer, and there are lots of beautiful cities worth visiting. Read the whole article if you want to know the best ways to move around the country and find out how to check trains / buses routes and timetables. Read more

Health insurance
Having a health insurance is one of the requirements for getting both a visa and a residence permit. When should you get it? What is NFZ? In this section we answer these questions and try to explain more about the health insurance in Poland. Read more
Bank account
Opening a bank account in Poland as a foreigner might be troublesome. Which bank should you choose? What documents will be needed? In this section we answer these questions and also give you a list of banks operating in Poland. Read more
Driving licence
Not all foreign driving licenses are valid in Poland. In some cases you will need to apply for a Polish driving licence if you want to drive a car in Poland. How to do it? Will you have to take an exam? Read this article to find out. Read more
What is PESEL? How to get PESEL number? Should you actually get it or is it complimentary…? Read more

If you need to translate official documents, you will need to find a certified (sworn) translator. Here you will find a list of translators we recommend. Read more

Mexican restaurants

Do you miss Mexico? For sure you do. And nothing helps better to get rid of homesickness than eating food from your home country. Here you will find a selection of the best Mexican places in Poland. Read more

Institutions helping foreigners

In Poland there are many NGO organisations and institutions who help foreigners with legal problems free of charge. Here you have a selection of such institutions in the main Polish cities. Read more