Once again, Kraków has been rated as “The Best European City”, beating other cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam or Budapest.

Every year Which?, a British online portal, asks their members to rate the cities they had visited in the past year. They are rated in 6 categories: Accommodation, Food and drink, Cultural attractions, Shopping, Ease of getting around and Value for money.

Kraków placed first, with Seville on the second and Valencia on the third places.

Krakow main square

What Was the Main Reason Why Krakow Won?

Excellent value for money, because cities in Poland – as compared to other European destinations – are simply relatively cheap. That, together with rich history, interesting places to visit (including Wieliczka Salt Mine and The Auschwitz concentration camp, and delicious food, contributes to an amazing experience that tourist live there. What is more, the presence of many low cost airlines like Ryanair, easyJet and WizzAir makes it cheap to get there.


Wawel Royal Castle

Another Polish city, Warsaw, was ranked 31st, just behind Paris.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Europe

  1. Krakow, Poland: 93%
  2. Seville, Spain: 90%
  3. Valencia, Spain: 89%
  4. Berlin, Germany: 88%
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands: 86%
  6. Budapest, Hungary: 86%
  7. Munich, Germany: 86%
  8. Venice, Italy: 86%
  9. Verona, Italy: 86%
  10. Bordeaux, France: 85%

* You can see the full list here: Best city breaks in Europe

What is your favourite European destination for a quick city-break trip? Do you agree with the results?

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