ePUAP (the full name: Electronic Platform of Public Administration Service) is a Polish online platform which allows communication between citizens and public administration units.

One of the main features is a Trusted Profile (in Polish: Profil zaufany ePUAP) which allows you to submit many letters / requests / forms online, without the need to visit government offices.

With ePUAP you can get access to e.g.:

  • Your local government office: register yourself in the place of domicile (zameldowanie), report missing or stolen driving license
  • ZUS: check if your employer has insured you, review your sick leaves (L4)
  • General Register Office (Urząd Stanu Cywilnego): order a copy of your marriage certificate, register your newborn baby
  • Tax Office (Urząd Skarbowy): view your tax declarations
  • National Health Fund (NFZ): order the European Health Insurance Card for your trips abroad

…and many, many more, these are just examples.

How to get access to ePUAP?

First, you need to have PESEL – this is the main requirement.

If you have a bank account in any of the following banks: https://pz.gov.pl/dt/registerByXidp – just click on your bank’s icon and follow the steps. When finished, you will be able to log in to your ePUAP profile here: https://pz.gov.pl/dt/login/login by choosing the icon of your bank.

If not, go to https://pz.gov.pl/pz/register and register yourself. Then you will need to go to a “confirmation point” (it can be a government office or a bank, you will need to choose based on your location) to confirm your identity.

I highly encourage you to create an ePUAP profile as this will make your life much easier when it comes to communication with various Polish institutions!

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Written by Karolina Kazmierska

Polish girl in love with Mexican culture and Spanish language. Experience in Marketing & HR, and also in Web Development.