This time we had the opportunity to meet a Mexican girl that just arrived to Poland, but she is trying hard to adapt to a new life in the European country. It is time that you meet Claudia Gómez Borrayo – a new Mexican girl in Poland


What is your name? Where were you born? Where do you live in Poland? How long have you been living in Poland? 

Claudia Gómez Borrayo, I was born in Mexico City but I spend all my life in Guadalajara. In Poland for the time being I live in Myślenice, I have been living only 2 months in Poland.

Why did you decide to move to Poland?

Last year I had the opportunity to make a cultural exchange in a neighbour country of Poland, and you know all the countries are really small and so close to each other that almost every weekend I had the chance to travel to Poland, especially to Krakow, here is where I met my fiancee and after 6 months of being in Mexico and decided to come back here.

What are you doing in Poland? 

Before I cam to Poland Iw as thinking where I could work, when I was looking for a job I found a job ad of a Polish family that was looking for a girl that spoke Spanish, that was because the parents wanted that their daughter of 1 years old would be familiarised with the language. I have to say that I love it because I have my Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy, I think it is a really good start for me..well ! Have only 2 months here!

What do you like the most about living in Poland? 

I like the order that the country has, also its cleanliness, the people in general is really respectful with all the rules and they take care of the environment, the respect they have to each other I just simply love it!

What is it that you do not like about living in Poland? 

Definitely the weather! I never liked the cold weather, I arrived during Spring and it is hard for me to understand this bipolar weather, but well… never say never!

Was it easy to get used to living in Poland? 

For me it has been really hard but not impossible, the decision to move here was only mine so I guess it will come the day when I will fell more Polish than I feel now.

Are you planning to live in Poland forever? 

Well, the word ‘always’ should be used with a lot of caution just like the word ‘never’, that’s why I do not know, we will see what my destiny says and If I will be able to stay here.

Would you recommend other Mexicans to move to Poland? 

Without trying to hurt the feelings of some Mexicans, I honestly do not believe that Poland is a country for all of us, Poland is a beautiful country, but the language is really complicated, if you do not speak English you will have a lot of problems to adapt here, this is talking about big cities, where I live now is a really small city and it is not that easy to find someone to talk because they do not speak English, this with no doubt makes you feel more far away form your home, and with this crazy weather it really affects how you feel.

Now if you do not have any problem with the language and you have an opportunity to come here I really recommend it to you.

What do you miss from Mexico? 

When I think in this question I could say that the food, the weather the language, etc. Moreover, if you move to a new country you already know that you will try new flavours and that is possible that the weather will not be the same, and in fact I miss the weather and the food but I think we can replace this feelings so I will not say it.

With no doubt what I miss the most are my parents and my dog, because this is the only thing no matter where you go… it will always be hard to be far away from them.

Describe Poland in 3 words

  • Green
  • Order
  • Beautiful

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Written by David Huerta

Mexican blogger living in Poland. Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics.