This Thursday 4th of February, in Poland we celebrate something called the Fat Thursday (Tlusty Czwartek in Polish).

This Fat Thursday is celebrated 1 week before the beginning of the Lent. The traditions consists on eating some muffins called pączek  (see picture). Those pączek are delicious and they have jam inside!


On this day in all the cities in Poland you will seee in all the bakerys and supermarkets millions of pączek, it is possible that you will see long lines of people in order to buy some of these muffins.

In most of the companies, universities and schools it is really common that those institutions give a lot of  pączek to the employess and students.

it is said that all the people is obliged to eat at least 1 pączek (it does not matter if you are on a diet), if you do not eat them you will have bad luck for the rest of the year!.

There is anothe dessert called Faworki (angel wings) it is sweet crisp pastry made out of dough, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. But the most traditional to eat duirng this day will be pączek.

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Written by David Huerta

Mexican blogger living in Poland. Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics.