Poland is a country with really diverse gastronomy. During holidays like Christmas or Easter, Polish families will prepare amazing food to share with their families and friends.

It is almost sure that all the people in the world enjoy a good dessert. If you are in Poland during these holidays maybe you are wondering: Which are the traditional Polish Easter desserts? so here we have the answer to your question.



The literal translation of the name of this dessert is ‘The grandmother cake’. This cake has the shape of a woman’s skirt. it is really easy to prepare it, and there are some people that can put some raisins or almonds on it.

Bundt Cake with Grapes 001


This is one of the favourite cakes for foreigners. This cake is a kind of a roll of poppy seeds, covered with a bittersweet glaze. Some kinds of this cake have raisins, rum, butter, cinnamon or vanilla. It is believed that if you eat this cake during holidays, you will have luck in your life.

Makowiec 3


This cheesecake is one of the most populars in Poland. In some places you can find Sernik with chocolate, cream, jelly or some fruits. If you are visiting Poland you are obliged to try it.


Easter Lamb Cake

The lamb figure is one of the most important and representatives of the Easter. In some places in Poland, a lot of people prepare a cake with the form of this animal. This cake is places on the basket that will be taken into the church to get blessed.

Easter lamb 03346

The previous cakes are the most populars during Easter in Poland, but there a lot of other candies, desserts and cakes that you will find in this country, for example:

  • Mazurek
  • Paczki
  • Kolaczki
  • Chrust Faworki

so, what is your favourite dessert?

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Written by David Huerta

Mexican blogger living in Poland. Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics.