In a recent study published by the consulting Company Mercer, Warsaw is the 5th best city to live in Central and Eastern Europe.

According to this study (you can consult it here) the best city to live on the world is Vienna, Austria; followed by Zurich, Switzerland and Auckland, New Zealand.

Some interesting places to visit in Warsaw:

Warsaw tour to learn about the communist era

Warsaw tour by night

The top 5 of the best cities to live in Central and Eastern Europe are:

  1. Prague, Czech Republic (Ranked no. 69 worldwide)
  2. Ljubijana, Slovenia (ranked no. 76 worldwide)
  3. Budapest, Hungary (ranked no. 77 worldwide)
  4. Vilnius, Lithuania (ranked no. 79 worldwide)
  5. Warsaw, Poland (ranked no. 79 worldwide)

The European cities with the worst ranking were Kiev (ranked no. 176 worldwide), Tirana (ranked no. 179) and Minsk (ranked no. 190 worldwide).

This study was analyzed by taking into consideration aspects such as: political stability, criminal index, economic situation, pollution index, public transportation, social services, housing, consumer goods, education, etc.

In the case of Mexico, the best ranked cities were Monterrey (ranked no. 108 worldwide) and Mexico city (ranked no. 127 worldwide)

Ranking Top Cities

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Written by David Huerta

Mexican blogger living in Poland. Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics.