Poznań today is 5th largest city in Poland (536K inhabitants) and offers you unique atmosphere, picturesque places and great, local food and beers.

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Look at Poznań as a great mix: cutting edge companies on one side and 120 thousands of students on the other. It creates fresh, vibrant atmosphere and gives a lot of live to city centre – pubs, clubs and restaurant are usually full & lively in the evening.

From historical point of view: Poznań is a place where Poland was born, one of the first capitals of the country and 2nd biggest (after Kraków) necropolis of Polish kings & rulers.

Add to this development similar to Berlin – 4 green zones & lakes inside the city! – and many modern buildings: including football Stadium rebuild for Euro 2012 – area where Lech Poznań will be fighting for points in European League.

Does it sounds like a good place to visit during your European journey?

During our trip in Poznan we will show you important parts of Polish and… German history, tell you  more about Polish culture and cuisine. Such approach will give you multithreaded view on Poznan and also European history.

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Want more? How about having loads of fun while:

  • dinning or playing LaserTag in XIX th. century fort
  • kayaking in the Poznan area
  • biking around Poznań
  • and eating delicious ice-creams, local sweets or tasting regional beers.

While having fun You will also learn a lot about past & current living in Poznan and Poland

Does it sounds tempting for you?

Is yes: contact me to begin this a memorable experience –




About Tomasz:

Tomasz – happy guy who likes to knowing new people and make interesting trips. My main interest is Poznan and the region around. He loves spending time outdoors: doing sports (MTB, rowing), enjoying good food and meeting with friends. At home – chilling out by reading books and watching F1 races!


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Written by David Huerta

Mexican blogger living in Poland. Graduated from Warsaw School of Economics.